Roberto Snider

I am representing a Marketing and Internet Bureau which has a huge list of customers. We design and develop client websites and we also position the websites in their specific market domain to optimize the actual conversion rate. Developing websites has never been one of our strengths, therefore resulting into time-consuming (read time-wasting) efforts and huge financial implications. The employees dealing with the actual development could namely be used more efficiently within other project areas. In the meantime, since about two years, our employees are no longer involved in website development because we have decided to outsource the development to Outsourcing our development to has clearly benefited our company and it would be too crazy for words if we would still consider doing it ourselves. First of all their performance is much faster than our performance ever was. While our employees often needed a few months to complete a web design to for example a Wordpress design conversion, the employees in general only need a few weeks. Besides thanks to their extended knowledge and experience they really realize high-quality projects. They have never missed a deadline and their sharp prices are really beneficial compared to the hourly wages we have to pay our employees for the various hours they would normally spend trying to do the website conversion. They are always at our service to answer questions and remarks and we have always received a reply before we normally check our inbox on new mails. Finally they always think along before starting the actual project in order to optimize a website’s functionality. We are very happy with this exceptional partnership and with the projects that have been delivered to us year after year. We couldn’t imagine developing websites ourselves again after so many years of great service. Doing business with has been one of our best business policies ever because we have experienced an overall amazing 300% profit increase! I would really like to thank each one of you!

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