The Wordpress CMS is an open-source CMS allowing you to maintain your website in a user-friendly way by providing a clear admin panel which allows you to manage all parts of your website without requiring previous HTML or PHP knowledge. Our Wordpress developers have been selected based on their experience which ensures all of our delivered Wordpress themes are of the highest quality possible. On this page you will find a clear overview of all PSD to Wordpress project which we have recently completed


Wordpress theme with a lot of pages

Most PSD to Wordpress projects contain about 5 to 10 different pages and therefore take about 3 to 4 weeks to be completed. MyThings from this point of view was exceptional because it contained tens of pages which all needed to be easily adjustable by means of the..


Vegetables and fruit on a multilingual Wordpress website

Israel is a sun-drenched country, possessing conditions which are more than ideal to cultivate a wide variety of vegetables and fruit. The company Terra appealed to our company to realize the PSD to Wordpress process of their finalized designs because their website..


Comparing digital cameras

When living in the United Kingdom and when looking for a new digital camera Camera Price Beater is for sure worth a visit. Besides the PSD to Wordpress process we have also designed a comparison tool allowing visitors to choose a digital camera after which they are shown..


Daily offers optimized for mobile users

The company Cliing has a clear vision which strives for an optimized mobile user return. Therefore it would maybe make more sense to call this PSD to Wordpress project a PSD to Mobile project because after all the main focus was the creation of a mobile website..


The online sale of mobile phones via Wordpress

The quest for a new mobile phone or a new smartphone often starts on the Internet. Most people have some mobile phone types and examples in the back of their mind before they start surfing the Internet and start comparing mobile phones, to go for the mobile phone..


A responsive Wordpress charity webshop

When looking for a company which could deal with the PSD to Wordpress process of the already designed Go Classic website, the Go Classic representative approached our company. Main objective of this particular PSD to Wordpress process was an as cheap as possible..

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